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Employee management software with stunning set of features. Software to manage employee information, scheduling
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11 November 2015

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This tool helps organizations to manage employee time effectively.

Business success depends largely of how effectively employee skills could be applied to the tasks an organization has, to carry out in conducting their businesses. Unless the capabilities of the employees are managed well, productivity and profitability will suffer significantly. The application helps assign a set of activities to each employee. These can be tasks to be carried out on different dates and times. Reminders could be set to so that no crucial assignments are forgotten. The employees will also receive alerts as the end time of a task approaches. Records of former employees also can be maintained as a separate category. This data would be useful should any legal consequences arise at a later date. All important papers and documents could be stored as scanned documents. Important documents of employees such as photographs, letter of recommendations etc. can be stored and linked to employee records.

Revenues collected by and expenses related to employees could be stored in a database. Financial activities data for each employee thus will be visible at any point in time and could be reviewed by management. Database operations are eased by the features of auto filling. Employee rewards and punishments (if any) is an important part of maintaining employee efficiency. This tool helps maintain records to decide employee salary, commissions and bonuses. Printing of various reports is facilitated by available templates. Data could be exported to other applications if required. Recovery from system crashes can happen with the auto back feature available. The tool is easy to operate. This is a very good and effective tool.

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To help businesses in managing employees, eDataset, a renowned software developer company, has come up with employee management software of superior quality. That software is branded as "Staff Scheduler Pro"; a large set of features is attached to this stunning package. Employee management becomes an easy task, if Staff Scheduler Pro is utilized by businesses. Proper Scheduling of employees' activities is essential for enhanced productivity and profitability. With Staff Scheduler Pro, each and every employee can be assigned to a set of activities that are to be performed in different dates and times.
Contact details of all employees can be preserved in the database that comes In-built with Staff Scheduler Pro. A reminder can be set against specific tasks or employees, so that no vital assignment is left forgotten or missed. As the date or time for a specific task approaches, the reminder feature comes into action, and issues alert. Businesses can keep the records related to Former employees in a separate category with this software. This employee management program facilitates storing of scanned documents. With this feature, important documents, respective to employees, such as photographs, letter of recommendations etc can be stored against respective employee accounts. For evaluation of employee's performance, businesses periodically run performance appraisal sessions. The reports produced by those performance appraisal sessions are important for estimation of salary, bonus and commissions to be paid to employees. Preservation of such significant reports is made easy with Staff Scheduler Pro. Upon requirement, detail records of revenue and expenditures on any specific date are displayed by this program. The database driven auto-filling feature that is built in this software, is helpful for efficient data input. The available out formats include XLS, pdf, html, TXT, iCal etc.
Staff Scheduler Pro
Staff Scheduler Pro
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